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NY Times: You May Now Kiss the Bride… Next: Performing two weddings in one day is easy, say Rabbi Renée Feller and the Rev. James R. Covington, but three takes some ingenious scheduling… (Read More)

NY Times: Julia & Josh: Julia Rachel Schwadron, a daughter of Patricia and Terry Schwadron of Manhattan, was married Monday to Joshua David Dick, a son of Lorie and David Dick of San Jose, Calif. Rabbi Renèe Feller officiated at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, N.Y.… (Read More)

NY Times: Warisara & Daniel: Warisara Aez Chindapol, a daughter of Amara and Worawit Chindapol of Bangkok, is to be married Sunday to Daniel E. Slotnik, a son of Diane Reverand and Sol V. Slotnik of New York. Rabbi Renée Feller is to officiate at the Yale Club in New York.… (Read More)

Rabbi Renèe on Instead of exchanging vows," says Rabbi Renèe Feller, "I might encourage the bride and groom to explore what they appreciate about one another. Then, during the ceremony, they would tell each other and their assembled family and friends why they want to marry.… (Read More)

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